What are the pre-conditions to apply for the UK Visa?

If you are making the plan to immigrate to the UK, you need to hire the UK visa services. The Visa services you hire should be authentic. But, before you go ahead with the UK Visa services, it is better that you have a quick overview on certain pre-conditions required for the UK Visa.
The first pre-condition is that you should be outside the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
You need to register and then fill in the complete application form in the English language. You also need to pay for the Visa processing. There are changes in the Visa processing fee and you have to check it out.
You should have all the attested copies as well as originals of supporting documents. The UK Visa authorities will view the documents in detail. If there is any supporting document in language other than English, make sure that you get it translated into the English language.
Make sure that you do the medical tests and attach the medical report with your application.
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