Applying for Right to Appeal

The right to appeal for UK visa is applicable for an individual whose UK visa application to enter or stay in UK has been refused. In all such situations, an individual needs to put forward an appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. For applying for UK visa appeal, you will need the assistance of immigration asylum lawyers in the UK.

Uk Visa appeals are of different types. They can fall into the category of Asylum, Immigration, Visit Visa and Human Rights. You have the right to apply for the appeal if you have been refused a UK visa or under conditions if your UK Visa extension was refused. You are also eligible to apply if your UK visa has expired or is going to expire in the near future; you are an illegal immigrant or an asylum seeker.

Again as said above, applying for right to appeal for UK visa is not that easy. The visa lawyers in London are the appropriate professionals who know how to deal with these complex cases. Fusco Browne also helps individuals who want to appeal for UK visa. They are abreast with all the latest happenings taking place in the field of immigration, asylum and visa applications.

So, get started if you want to appeal quickly. Call us to know how we can help you better.

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