Supreme Court’s Decision Concerning Brexit

The British government has challenged High Court ruling that parliamentary approval is needed to begin the process of leaving the EU. The case will now be heard in the Supreme Court.

As the highest judiciary authority of Britain, the Supreme Court may now have the final say on whether the Members of Parliament get a chance to vote to trigger Article 50.

The case can last for 4 days. This will also be the first time that all 11 members of the jury will sit on the panel and the verdict will be released by January 2017.

Will the Government win?

According to the ministers, the appeal in the in the Supreme Court is “to close to call”. A source said that the chances of success are just 50-50 but there are chances of success. The legal experts on the other hand predicted a defeat for the government with 11-0 chance.

What will happen after the verdict?

If the judicial authority decides in the favour of Government, Prime Minister Theresa May can go ahead with her plans to call upon Article 50 by the end of March without seeking any parliamentary approval. If however the High Court ruling stays in the place, the parliament will get to vote on the Brexit legislation. It is also worth noting that most of the MPs have already said that they will vote to support the government.

Meanwhile, Europeans staying in England can consult leading UK immigration solicitors to discuss their prospects of staying in the country.

Common Student visa questions answered

UK has always been one of the most desirable destination for the higher education. With a variety of programs, students find the country quite appealing. Following are the few question which tend to be answered before making the final call:


Where do I start?

You can’t apply for a student visa until you have been accepted on to a course in that country. So, if you haven’t already done so you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study. Not only that, but you must also ensure that the course you apply for meets the visa requirements of that country. Your student visa acceptance will be determined by a number of factors:
• Your country of citizenship
• Your chosen destination country
• The course you wish to study
• The institution you wish to study at
• How you plan to fund your study

To study in the UK you need 40 points to apply for a UK student visa through the UK points based system. 30 points are awarded for doing a course at an acceptable level with an approved education provider (also known as a sponsorship). 10 points are awarded for proving that you have enough money to cover your study and living costs.

What type of student visa do I need?

If you are studying abroad for your post-16 education you will require a Tier 4 visa (General Student Visa).

How much money will I need?
This is one of the most common questions and is an important factor in your visa application process. It is necessary for you to prove that you have sufficient funds for your course fees and living costs, however the money required can vary depending on country and region within that country.

Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs who moved to the UK

UK provides a nourishing environment to migrant populations and there are many success stories which can be very inspiring for budding entrepreneurs wanting to make a mark in the UK. We mention three of these:

Susanne Blomberg

An enterprising woman, Susanne Blomberg moved to the UK with her husband, who got a job in the country. And while she was staying in the UK with him, she decided to start her own coaching training institute by the name “Susanne Blomberg Coaching & Development”. She realized that the UK markets appreciated the cultural insight that she was lending to her profession and it gave her venture an edge over other similar businesses.

Before moving to the UK, she was in Canada where she ran an import business that dealt in importing of children’s wear. She had also dabbled in a consulting business which was established by her husband and it was in Sweden. It’s admirable that Susanne took over the reins of a very different business, when her husband shifted to UK and repatriated in 2012.

Mi Elfverson

Another talented and business minded woman in the UK, MiElfverson started her own production company calledTrue North Vision, which is a Brighton based production company. Mi is a professional video producer and an extremely talentedphotographer. She originally belongs to Sweden and feels that there are many work opportunities in the United Kingdom. She brings in a Scandinavian approach to her high quality professional photography and productions.

Arianna Helm

Arianna Helm started Ihelm-Enterprises which is a book keeping service in Lancashire. She originally belongs to Canada and moved in 1996 to the UK to be close to her British husband. She moved to live and work in the UK and initially worked in a full time employment for a brief period. She later set up her own company offering book keeping services on a pan England services. She extends virtual book keeping services to her clients.

Settlement visa: why do you need them?

Settling in the UK is a dream for a person. It is a country of choices, international character and dignity of labour. The UK is a country, which respects human rights. The process of settlement is quite long and it follows stringent procedures. You need to be aware of these procedures, and this is possible only if you hire professional Immigration lawyer.

Criteria of settlement in the UK

Are you a family member or married to British Citizen? Do you have blood relation with family member or partner settled in the UK? Do you have a study Visa and want to settle in the UK post study? Are you on the Work Visa and want to convert into Settlement Visa? The UK offers settlement to individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds and following variety of criteria. It is important that you check with Immigration law firm.

Visa is a long, cumbersome process that leads to Immigration. It is based on decisions that are made only after taking into consideration certain factors. These factors are supported by concrete evidence. While there are many reasons for an individual or a professional to immigrate, the services of Immigration lawyers or law firm are always pertinent.

To make the process hassle free and convenient, more and more professionals are looking forward to the expert services of counsellors and immigration solicitors. If settlement in the UK is your top priority, you can look for the settlement Visa for the UK. The Visa will provide you with better prospects. Getting the required visa is now a dream come true with the professionals of Fusco Browne Immigration, which has developed into a hub of experienced professionals having years of expertise in dealing such issues.

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Risk Evaluation for Immigration Detainees in the UK

The UK Home Office has issued a new detention services order with the name: “Considering detainee placement”; DSO 03/2016. In laymen terms this means that a proper risk assessment is necessary prior to an individual being accepted into the immigration detention. This will certainly have a huge legal impact. It was necessary that the UK Home Office stipulates some legal guidelines especially in the wake of the incident concerning Alois Dvorcak. In recent years the UK immigration system has witnessed some inexcusable detention decisions and the detention of Alois an elderly man was one such terrible incident.

DSO 03/2016 has replaced DSO 01/2003. The famous “Shaw Review” had criticised the DSO 01/2003 which was also concerned risk assessment as being poorly drafted. The report described the document as “a process driven document which gives no insight into risk factors.” This previous guideline had no mention that a detention might not be suitable in certain cases. It simply appeared to be a procedure laid down for its own sake rather than benefitting the systems or the population with any positive outcome. Prolonged mass detention has been a time tested practise with the UK immigration authorities and whether the new DSO would be able to bring about a much needed change in this culture is something which time will only tell. The new DSO has a hint of suggestion that detention might not be the solution in certain cases with specific presence of risk factors.

Excerpt from the new DSO guideline:

“The presence of risk factors do not in themselves preclude detention. They may, however, mean that individuals need to be managed in a particular way once detained and/or require careful placement in the detention estate to manage or mitigate the risks in question. It is important to ensure that possible risks that may make a person particularly vulnerable are identified accurately and notified appropriately. More generally, careful consideration must be given to whether the risk factors may engage the policy on suitability for detention as set out in section 55.10 of the Enforcement Instructions and Guidance. Where that policy is engaged, consideration must be given as to whether there are very exceptional circumstances present that justify detention in what would otherwise normally be an unsuitable case.” (Source: – Detention Services Order 03/2016 – Consideration of Detainee Placement in the Detention Estate)

Experienced and leading UK immigration lawyers would be able to make wise use of this clause in helping immigrants who really need genuine help.

Important steps for applying for the UK travel Visa

You might be worried about the status of your UK Visa. One of the most important concerns for you to apply for the UK Visa is to travel. Here are few important steps that you need to take into consideration:
Check your eligibility – If you are applying for the UK travel Visa, you ought to have complete awareness. It is very important that you have good knowledge on the eligibility conditions related to the UK Visa.
Check your papers –Is your documentation complete? One of the key concerns where you might run through the problems is the incomplete documentation. If your documentation is not complete, your eligibility will be in a question.
Check your bank balance – Does your bank have minimum sufficient balance necessary? If your bank balance is not sufficient, you will not be eligible for the UK travel Visa. Minimum balance needs to be maintained in your bank account at all times.
The UK is a land of wonders and amazements. You will be enjoying your life. There are plenty of options to get around with. Applying for the UK Visa is a necessary process to move to the UK. For information on the UK Visa, it is very important that you connect to:

How important is the Immigration advice?

Immigration advice is as important as the real process of Immigration. Right advice will make the process of your Immigration easy and free of problems. You just cannot immigrate to any foreign land all by itself. You need to pass through the stringent Immigration procedures. Right from the documentation to the final Visa approval, you need Immigration law advice, without which it is just not easy to think of moving to the UK.

In recent times, several factors have come to play the role. A decade or two back the UK Immigration process was quite easy, but not anymore. You need to be aware of several things. Simply filing the documents is no guarantee that you will be granted the UK Visa. Every month several updates are released by the UKBA and you need to have information on those updates. Check with the Immigration lawyer firm as this will help you in making the right decision. You will not be working hard at all. Everything will be taken care

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How to get the UK travel Visa?

Title: How to get the UK travel Visa?
Visa is a formal, legal offer to make an entry to the UK. It is offered to a prospective immigrant on the basis of documentation provided. Here are few types of documents that you need to show to the Visa authorities to get the UK Visa:
• If you have applied for the work permit Visa, you need the offer letter from the company. You also present the proof of nature of job that you are likely to engage in the UK.
• In case you are self-employed, you have to furnish the proof of your business activities as well as the financial standings.
• Show the evidence of movable and immovable assets that you hold in your country of birth.
• If you are applying for the student Visa, there is a requirement of letter of admission from designated college. You also need to provide the proof of a course, starting and finishing date of your course, including the date of holidays.
• If you are making the regular visit to the United Kingdom in relation to business, you have to apply for the multiple entry Visa. The documentation required includes, your purpose of visit, bank statements, type of business that you run etc.
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Why engage an Immigration advice company?

Migrating to another country is coupled with several hassles.These hassles can only be overcome by seeking advice from an Immigration advice company. The role of an Immigration advice company is not limited to filing Visa papers. It is has diversified roles. Therefore, you need to be sure the Immigration advice company is experienced and works dedicatedly towards your Immigration needs.
With right type of Immigration advice company, you have the confidence that you will be immigrating to the country of your choice following all the legal regulations. One of the key factors why you should engage a professional Immigration advice company is to get your Visa papers prepared on time. Most of the Visa applications are rejected by the authorities on the very pretext that they are not complete. The situation becomes too complex here, and by all means it needs to be tackled. Consulting an Immigration company can offer you better options in the Visa application approval. Think of moving to the UK and starting your career! Apply for the UK Immigration now.
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Why go for Immigration advice services

There are several reasons why you should be going for the UK Immigration advice services. Let’s take a quick look on the reasons:
Seek professional advice on various issues related directly or indirectly to the Immigration. It is very important that you clear these issues and take the process of Immigration ahead. If you let go these issues, you are likely to face the blunders at the Visa Immigration office.
Get the latest information on Indefinite Leave to Remain, EEA family permit, Visa Expiry, Entry clearance etc. All of it matters as lot for easy Immigration. Going with the professional Immigration advice will obviously offer you better chances to move to the UK.
Remain updated on the UK Visa and Immigration rules, and you will successfully clear the UK Immigration file within stipulated time frame.
Next time when you have the plans to move to the UK, hire the services of a registered Immigration law firm. In this way, you will move to the UK in an absolutely hassle free manner.
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