Top 3 reasons to go for professional corporate immigration services

Are you seeking better opportunities for your business in UK? Do you want to start a new business venture in a foreign country? Do you want to seek employment in the overseas market? UK is one of the most business friendly nations in the world, which offer great number of options to do the business or be the part of any professional activity. However, you need to apply for the Visa first.
The ever changing face of the rather complex immigration rules has made it a necessity to hire the professional services. There are reasons for you to engage the corporate Immigration services. These services are offered by experienced Visa and Immigration law firms.

Tier 1 entrepreneur visa


Consultation on the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) -

Apart from the general consultation on the prospects and discussion about the requirements depending upon the nature and scope of the business, you could easily get yourself evaluated as per the RLMT. You should complete the RLMT before sponsoring yourself as a migrant for a particular job, unless, the job finds listing in UKBA Shortage Occupation List (SOL), or you belong to category of switching Immigration, or you are the employee of an organisation.


Pre – Sponsorship licence assessment – The law firm will audit your company and look into other serious aspects, which are important to qualify you for Immigration. The assessment will also help in ascertaining your possibilities to move. The major options available are:
Tier 2 - General – Skilled Workers; Intra-Company Transfer; Sportsperson; Minister of Religion
Tier 4 - General – Adult Students as well as Child
Tier 5 - Temporary Worker – Charity Worker; Creative and Sporting; Religious Worker; International Agreement; and the Government Authorised Exchange


Consultation on Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa – This type of Visa consultation is offered by the Immigration law firm to the Non-EU migrants, who intend to make investment to either set up the business or take over existing business. You need to show the funding details along with the understanding of English language. The Immigration law firm will definitely provide you with effective advice, in order to make Visa process easy.

3 ways consulting an Immigration consultant is good for you!

The UK has become a highly sought-after destination choice for those who want to live, travel, study, or work in a well developed country. However, getting an immigration certificate of this country is a hard nut to crack. The reason being, there are myriad of rules and policies one needs to adhere to prove their candidature. This is the point where the need of professional immigrant service providers arises.

Having a professional immigration services on board is necessary to ensure a successful immigration to the UK. With any sort of legal help, you can enjoy the benefit of fast and efficient processes. As the UK immigration laws are subject to change on a constant way, obtaining citizenship or Visa has become a tricky job. However, these service providers will make it easy for you to get your visa in the quickest possible manner. By utilising their expertise and knowledge, you can get the much needed advice and assistance in a number of ways.

Does all the paper work – If you apply for the Visa, you need to do comprehensive paper work, and you always need to keep this thing in your hindsight. The Visa application expert will help you to come out of this scenario. He or she will judge your application at various levels to ensure you have filled the form appropriately and supported it with necessary documentation.

Provides you with interview training – The Immigration firm will help you with interview and the questions asked therein. The Visa officer out there at consulate office will always be ready to grill you to the extent, wherein the situations become too strenuous to bear. However, if you are already prepared to handle the Visa interviewer, the whole scenario will work in your favour.

Works on delays in your Visa process – There are times when delays might occur in your Visa process. There can be many reasons to it. Sometimes these delays are due to legitimate reasons and sometimes as the result of bureaucracy. In either condition, you have to face the problems. A professional Immigration lawyer will make the headway. He or she will look into the status of your Visa application and ensure that application is processed quickly.

Britain’s Outlook on Immigration

How strongly the citizens of UK feel for the issue of immigration has been proved in their response to Brexit voting and its results. But the recent influx of migrants from Europe is not the only trigger to this action.

Immigration has constantly ranked among the top 5 most significant national issues for the British people. Up till the middle of 2015, it was the topic chosen most often by respondents asked about the national issues that affect them the most. 45% of all chose immigration. The ones that followed were NHS (40%) and then the economy of UK (26%). Interestingly, the economy has ranked as top issue from 2008, but it fell in public salience as compared to other issues since mid-2014.

Rise in cases attributed to ‘Islamic terrorism’ that resulted in influx of asylum seekers from Syria into Europe and then the Paris attacks of November 2015 raised the concern for immigration. At least 75% of the people in Great Britain have been in favour of reducing immigration.

The resistance to the arrival of immigrants is not really new. Increasing concern regarding ‘New Commonwealth’ immigration encouraged the British Election Study to start probing the public on their views as far back as 1964. However, in those years, it did not ask the question to those who were known as ‘coloured’ respondents. Throughout the period, a big majority of people in the UK have agreed that there are too many immigrants in their country.

On a positive note, it has been seen that immigration also contributed positively to UK’s economy. Revenue from students who come to study here, the businesses set up by foreign nationals and the general contribution of people who are part of the adult workforce have helped in adding to the GDP. This is why immigration does continue.

Relaxation in Language check instils hopes in Nursing fraternity

The past year marked a turbulence for the UK migrant population who were thwarted with the changes that are believed to completely metamorphose the immigration scene in the region. One of the important sector which is reported to feel the heat of the motion is Nursing and care. The industry, which has been backed by a team of nursing professionals sourced mainly from the overseas, is under constant scrutiny amidst all the immigration debacle.

Overseas nursing talent : a backbone to UK’s Healthcare

Nursing and care has always been one of the most critical sectors of the UK. As per the official number reported, one in 20 NHS workers in England comes from the EU, which amounts to 57,608 NHS workers and 5% of the total workforce. The UK’s healthcare system has always seen an active participation from the migrant population who majorly comes from Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland.

Relaxation of language tests: a step for easy transition post Brexit

In a new relaxation as introduced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the nurses would be now able to better tackle the language test as introduced as an obligatory step to retain their jobs in the UK. The rule, which was introduced to curb migration numbers, demanded that the nurses and midwives coming from outside the UK need to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively with a high standard of English.

But the step, as taken by the NMC in the wake of Brexit certainties, would now provide a ray of hope to these nurses and midwives. Nurses and midwives who are coming from outside the UK will still have to achieve a “level 7” in the IELTS, but how they go about it is set to change. The applicant, previously, had to achieve this score in a single sitting to match the eligibility criteria to work in UK. The new rule however relaxes this requirement and now the applicant can achieve this level into two sittings, whilst the gap between these sittings should not be more than six months.

The step is seen as a progressive approach designed to ease pressure on the overburdened healthcare sector of the UK.

Britain votes to leave the European Union

24 June 2016 will go down as a golden date in the history of United Kingdom! In a historic vote, following a period of negotiations and critical campaigning from both sides, the United Kingdom has finally voted to leave the European Union. The leave campaign has won, as reported by Guardian, BBC and others, when the polling results showed a 52-percent-to-48-percent margin. Britain votes to leave the European Union While the move has been seen to be quite appreciated by the jubilant Leave supporters, the major question which now looms the political galleries is not only how the UK will extricate itself from a 28-member bloc but also the considerable effects on its relationship with the member nations. Many political forecasters are now questioning even the future of the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government. Polls were tight ahead of Thursday’s referendum, but as the votes rolled in, the “leave” side performed better than expected in places it was supposed to win and triumphed in locations it was not. The “remain” side, despite the establishment’s optimism, could never catch up. Impact on Pound The GBP has witnessed a steep decline owing to the Brexit and the speculations related to it. As per the reported figures, the pound slid to 31- year low against the dollar and stock futures are also forecasted to be lower. Ireland And Scotland: Not happy with the results A victory for Brexit might be a celebration in parts of UK, but it will raise the question on the future of Scotland and Ireland, which mainly voted for remain. The Scots, who narrowly voted in 2014 to remain in the U.K., have broadly voted to remain in the EU. Northern Ireland, where the 1998 Good Friday Agreement ended the Troubles, voted to remain in the EU, but the vote there reflected the historic divisions between Catholics and Protestants.

The Points Raised by Opponents of Brexit

With the country going to vote on 23rd June 2016 for its membership in a major economic block, there are people divided on the vote. The opponents of Brexit argue that if the vote results in favour of an “out”, it will set back the country and one entire generation. Politically, the “remain” camp has the support of President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and heavy hitter business groups.

The polls have shown the “in” side to be ahead in polls generally.

  • With the prediction of being the fastest growing economy this year in the developed world, the supporters of “remain” claim that one should not underestimate the need of EU for the UK (The Economist – UK magazine that is in opposition of the departure). Economically, it is beneficial for UK to remain, as more than half of the imports from UK go to EU, while EU gives less than 10% of its exports to Britain.

  • Brexit the “in” camp claims, can bring a lot of uncertainty in the business transactions of government and companies. This could hammer confidence and also result in increased financial market volatility. International Monetary Fund also in addition to above warns of a scary uncertainty which could weigh on investment and confidence of many negotiations.

  • Brexit could lead to a “less secure world”, the “in” camp argues. Economist has warned that if the voting results in a split – UK which is the 5th largest defence spender would be unmoored from its allies. It also says that as new EU would be weaker, less secure, poor and disunited, and as a domino effect – the West which relies on the balancing forces of Europe and America would be affected and enfeebled. The “remain” supporters also claim that a Brexit could lead towards an idea of Scottish independence which can be an irrevocable process of the break- up of United Kingdom.

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How professional Asylum law firm’s advice is helpful?

Immigrating to a country which respects Human Rights and offers Asylum Visa, should be a matter of pride and great interest to you. You will land in the safe zone and all your personal interests are looked after by the government. However, the real crux lies in applying for the Asylum Visa and getting a quick approval. This is where the services of OISC registered Immigration firm will come to play the real role. The experienced, professional firm provides specialist advice as well as assistance on the critical, and no so critical Asylum Law, General Immigration, Human Rights, Nationality Law as well as other aspects.

A professional Visa and Immigration firm will have good experience in handling all types of Asylum and Visa cases. It would work in your interest, if you associate with the Immigration firm with lawyers accredited under the Law Society’s UK Immigration and Asylum Advice Scheme. The firm is your first level of contact and hope to offer you with advice and representation in Asylum, Immigration cases involving the domestic violence and all issues concerning human trafficking.

How does professional Asylum law firm will help you?

There are different ways in which the professional Asylum law firm will serve as an important point of help. The Asylum lawyers working in these Immigration firms, give priority to your Asylum case work. If you are a victim of human trafficking, expect the Asylum law firm giving you not just advice, but also lot of alternate working options. You can consider the firm as your guide and mentor when you finally make to the UK. All help and advice that is required on Immigration and Asylum law is made available instantly. In fact, all your worries pertaining to Asylum will be over and gone.

Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs who moved to the UK

UK provides a nourishing environment to migrant populations and there are many success stories which can be very inspiring for budding entrepreneurs wanting to make a mark in the UK. We mention three of these:

Susanne Blomberg

An enterprising woman, Susanne Blomberg moved to the UK with her husband, who got a job in the country. And while she was staying in the UK with him, she decided to start her own coaching training institute by the name “Susanne Blomberg Coaching & Development”. She realized that the UK markets appreciated the cultural insight that she was lending to her profession and it gave her venture an edge over other similar businesses.

Before moving to the UK, she was in Canada where she ran an import business that dealt in importing of children’s wear. She had also dabbled in a consulting business which was established by her husband and it was in Sweden. It’s admirable that Susanne took over the reins of a very different business, when her husband shifted to UK and repatriated in 2012.

Mi Elfverson

Another talented and business minded woman in the UK, MiElfverson started her own production company calledTrue North Vision, which is a Brighton based production company. Mi is a professional video producer and an extremely talentedphotographer. She originally belongs to Sweden and feels that there are many work opportunities in the United Kingdom. She brings in a Scandinavian approach to her high quality professional photography and productions.

Arianna Helm

Arianna Helm started Ihelm-Enterprises which is a book keeping service in Lancashire. She originally belongs to Canada and moved in 1996 to the UK to be close to her British husband. She moved to live and work in the UK and initially worked in a full time employment for a brief period. She later set up her own company offering book keeping services on a pan England services. She extends virtual book keeping services to her clients.

Settlement visa: why do you need them?

Settling in the UK is a dream for a person. It is a country of choices, international character and dignity of labour. The UK is a country, which respects human rights. The process of settlement is quite long and it follows stringent procedures. You need to be aware of these procedures, and this is possible only if you hire professional Immigration lawyer.

Criteria of settlement in the UK

Are you a family member or married to British Citizen? Do you have blood relation with family member or partner settled in the UK? Do you have a study Visa and want to settle in the UK post study? Are you on the Work Visa and want to convert into Settlement Visa? The UK offers settlement to individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds and following variety of criteria. It is important that you check with Immigration law firm.

Visa is a long, cumbersome process that leads to Immigration. It is based on decisions that are made only after taking into consideration certain factors. These factors are supported by concrete evidence. While there are many reasons for an individual or a professional to immigrate, the services of Immigration lawyers or law firm are always pertinent.

To make the process hassle free and convenient, more and more professionals are looking forward to the expert services of counsellors and immigration solicitors. If settlement in the UK is your top priority, you can look for the settlement Visa for the UK. The Visa will provide you with better prospects. Getting the required visa is now a dream come true with the professionals of Fusco Browne Immigration, which has developed into a hub of experienced professionals having years of expertise in dealing such issues.

Fusco Browne Immigration has evolved to be a destination for ambitious professionals and migrants who want to settle and work in UK and do it professionally with UK Immigration Law Specialist Solicitors.

Risk Evaluation for Immigration Detainees in the UK

The UK Home Office has issued a new detention services order with the name: “Considering detainee placement”; DSO 03/2016. In laymen terms this means that a proper risk assessment is necessary prior to an individual being accepted into the immigration detention. This will certainly have a huge legal impact. It was necessary that the UK Home Office stipulates some legal guidelines especially in the wake of the incident concerning Alois Dvorcak. In recent years the UK immigration system has witnessed some inexcusable detention decisions and the detention of Alois an elderly man was one such terrible incident.

DSO 03/2016 has replaced DSO 01/2003. The famous “Shaw Review” had criticised the DSO 01/2003 which was also concerned risk assessment as being poorly drafted. The report described the document as “a process driven document which gives no insight into risk factors.” This previous guideline had no mention that a detention might not be suitable in certain cases. It simply appeared to be a procedure laid down for its own sake rather than benefitting the systems or the population with any positive outcome. Prolonged mass detention has been a time tested practise with the UK immigration authorities and whether the new DSO would be able to bring about a much needed change in this culture is something which time will only tell. The new DSO has a hint of suggestion that detention might not be the solution in certain cases with specific presence of risk factors.

Excerpt from the new DSO guideline:

“The presence of risk factors do not in themselves preclude detention. They may, however, mean that individuals need to be managed in a particular way once detained and/or require careful placement in the detention estate to manage or mitigate the risks in question. It is important to ensure that possible risks that may make a person particularly vulnerable are identified accurately and notified appropriately. More generally, careful consideration must be given to whether the risk factors may engage the policy on suitability for detention as set out in section 55.10 of the Enforcement Instructions and Guidance. Where that policy is engaged, consideration must be given as to whether there are very exceptional circumstances present that justify detention in what would otherwise normally be an unsuitable case.” (Source: – Detention Services Order 03/2016 – Consideration of Detainee Placement in the Detention Estate)

Experienced and leading UK immigration lawyers would be able to make wise use of this clause in helping immigrants who really need genuine help.