Amnesty and Illegal Immigrants to UK

With the Brexit decision coming through, it is anticipated that the Home staff that manages the passport and immigration system, the coming five years are bound to encounter considerable work. This is in alignment with the fact that one can foresee an impending change in the EU inhabitants, there are going to be extra applications for citizenships, visas and passports. This would essentially from people, who are already living there and hoping to stay for good. For instance, there might be couples, looking to get married and hoping to live there – between EU and non EU partners. This influx of applications, will definitely need changes in ongoing policy and additional staff to prevent any adverse consequences with the settling down of post-Brexit state.

Currently, no official figures are available on the illegal immigration of UK. According to some studies, as many as 500,000 estimated immigrants are in UK while some say to number is closer to 1 million people. And one can expect this number to increase with people overstaying their visas, entering on forged documents, absconding or entering through ports. This massive caseload would be difficult to tackle and scant resources would only highlight the difficulty in processing of documents. Also, now the office would focus more on high risk individuals and recently, government is closing down on bogus colleges proving as a front for fake admissions and having people stay longer. Thus illegal migration now with a better control can be reversed.

It becomes necessary at such time that an appropriate amnesty is introduced which can make post-Brexit system much more manageable. This will help in resource optimization and strengthening of coastline legitimate entries and focus on original cases. Thus, it is best to contact immigration lawyers who can help in drafting sterling applications which can breeze through the massive caseload and obtain visa for the applicant.

Fusco Browne Immigration offers best advice on immigration issues

Man has always had this urge to improve upon the standard of life that he is leading. One perfect way of doing that is by relocating to places that have better opportunities as well as living standards. Although not an easy task but still it is one of the most viable options available to him. There might be many reasons behind an individual’s decision to migrate to an alien country. Security and fear for life due to war is another major reason behind the migration of people from a lesser developed nation to the more developed one. UK is one nation that always had very liberal policies as far as immigration and asylum seeking is concerned. Since the time UK ceased being a colonial power, people from all over the world have been migrating to this nation for myriad of reasons. The best thing about UK is that it welcomed with open arms all these people who immigrated to this nation and provided them with best opportunities.

The trend of migration to UK is continuing in the present times and more and more numbers of people are immigrating to this nation. Students, working professionals, businessmen, academicians and intellectuals are all migrating to this nation and thereby enriching its political, economical and cultural milieu. Fusco Browne is one such name which has been trusted by the millions of professionals and students globally for their migration issues. The professionals are well aware of all the laws and other legal procedures that are involved in the immigration or asylum processes.

Things to Consider While Travelling to UK on Tourist Visa

UK has always been on the top of the list of the favourite destinations among the people. Securing a tourist visa is one of the most important things while planning a vacation or short trip[ to the UK.

In considering a visit visa application, the person must generally determine few things. First, they must determine whether the applicant is not excluded under any provision of law from entry to the UK. If the department determines that the applicant is excluded, they will automatically refuse the application without having to consider any other evidence.

You might be worried about the status of your UK Visa. One of the most important concerns for you to apply for the UK Visa is to travel. Here are few important steps that you need to take into consideration:

Check your eligibility – If you are applying for the UK travel Visa, you ought to have complete awareness. It is very important that you have good knowledge on the eligibility conditions related to the UK Visa.

Check your papers – Is your documentation complete? One of the key concerns where you might run through the problems is the incomplete documentation. If your documentation is not complete, your eligibility will be in a question.

Check your bank balance – Does your bank have minimum sufficient balance necessary? If your bank balance is not sufficient, you will not be eligible for the UK travel Visa. Minimum balance needs to be maintained in your bank account at all times.

How to select the Immigration attorney services?

Immigration attorney is your best resource, and he or she is the one that you can look to with confidence at all times of need. But, is it always possible to come across the Immigration attorney that is reliable and offers you personalised services? Of course not! Here are few points that you need to take into consideration when selecting the Immigration attorney services:

Provide help on the legal issues – The Immigration attorney is vigilant over the legal issues that might arise due to one or the other reason.

Relevant years of experience – The Immigration attorney should have good level of experience in handling various critical issues that might appear as the result of changes in Immigration policies.

Experience in the field of Asylum Immigration – The Immigration attorney should have good knowledge on all aspects of Asylum law as well as legislation pertaining to human rights.

Fusco Browne is the OISC registered, Sheffield based, Immigration law firm offering the best Visa solutions. We have the team of Immigration specialists, experienced to handle all types of cases and help the prospective clients to come out of dangling situation.

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Why you need the services of Asylum lawyers?

All nations do not respect human rights. Some of the nations in the world are not safe heaven at all. These nations do not provide their denizens with freedom of speech, expression or thought. These countries restrict the rights of their citizens by using various unscrupulous methods. The UK is the nation with difference. The country respects individuals and moreover, it provides equal rights to individuals on refugee status. But first, you need to hire the services of professional Asylum lawyer. He will help you:

• If you have been refused the Asylum by Home Office on one or more than one occasions
• If you want the Indefinite Leave to Remain under the laid down protection route
• If you want to extend your Visa and want to stay in the UK

Fusco Browne is the Sheffield based Immigration law firm offering the best advice on all cases related to Asylum and Human rights. We have team of experienced, super qualified Immigration Asylum lawyers in the UK offering wide range of solutions and legitimate ways to handle your Asylum in the UK. You can easily book one of our experienced Immigration Asylum lawyers in the UK. To know more on the Asylum law, click on:


What services are offered by the UK Immigration consultants?

Immigration is not just a word to look at, but a comprehensive process based on rules and regulations. Each country has its own stringent and constitutionally laid down rules and regulations, and it is expected from the prospective immigrant that he or she will adhere to them. Hiring the services of a professional Immigration law firm will give you the advantage. Here are the services offered by the law firm:

Corporate service – Guiding the way of high profile individuals to get entrepreneur Visa

Asylum service- Helping the individuals to immigrate to the UK on the basis of seeking asylum.

Same day service – This service will help you to file for the Visa and get approval on the same day.

Study visa service –If you are applying for the study Visa, this service will be of great purpose for you.

One off telephone advice – This service will let you talk with specialist Immigration lawyer.

Hire the best, professional UK Immigration consultants from Fusco Browne. We can help you with your Immigration and turn out to be guiding source. The Immigration consultants working with us are experienced, reliable and updated on policies.

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Need for the specialist Asylum Immigration lawyer

Seeking Asylum in country like the UK requires you professional help. You cannot get the Immigration under the UK Asylum law, if there are any loopholes in your Visa application. Your claims for the UK Asylum Visa need to be credible by all means. The professional, experienced Asylum lawyer will work on your case and ensure that you qualify for it without going through any hassles.

The lawyer will help you to arrange for legitimate proofs and other supporting documents to make your Asylum application strong and helps the Visa authorities to make the right decision within stipulated timeframe.

Come to the UK- the country which respects human rights and care for your private interests. The country ensures protection and relieves you from any possibilities of threats.

Fusco Browne Immigration is an OISC registered Asylum law firm offering the best, professional consultation services. We have the team of specialist immigration asylum lawyers in the UK, who can help you to make your decision to take refuge a successful obligation. We also offer consultations over the phone. If you want the UK Asylum Visa, we can make it happen.

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Why hire the services of Immigration consultants

There can be logical reasons why you should be hiring Immigration consultants for migrating to another country. You must note one thing straight- Immigration is not an easy task. You need to cross through several hurdles before you land into the country of your choice. The role of professional Immigration consultants becomes important to be discussed in this context.


Consultants will provide you with guidance on Visa application process. One area where you may get stuck with the problem is your Visa file. With right guidance you know the Visa problems. And once you are aware of the Visa problems, you can plan the things in efficiently.


The Immigration consultant will look through your file and ensure that it has relevant and correct details. If you lack somewhere, the consultant will give you suggestions and appropriate directions.


The Immigration consultant will file your application before the Visa authorities. All aspects related to your personal information are filled by an experienced and professional lawyer.

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