Amnesty and Illegal Immigrants to UK

With the Brexit decision coming through, it is anticipated that the Home staff that manages the passport and immigration system, the coming five years are bound to encounter considerable work. This is in alignment with the fact that one can foresee an impending change in the EU inhabitants, there are going to be extra applications for citizenships, visas and passports. This would essentially from people, who are already living there and hoping to stay for good. For instance, there might be couples, looking to get married and hoping to live there – between EU and non EU partners. This influx of applications, will definitely need changes in ongoing policy and additional staff to prevent any adverse consequences with the settling down of post-Brexit state.

Currently, no official figures are available on the illegal immigration of UK. According to some studies, as many as 500,000 estimated immigrants are in UK while some say to number is closer to 1 million people. And one can expect this number to increase with people overstaying their visas, entering on forged documents, absconding or entering through ports. This massive caseload would be difficult to tackle and scant resources would only highlight the difficulty in processing of documents. Also, now the office would focus more on high risk individuals and recently, government is closing down on bogus colleges proving as a front for fake admissions and having people stay longer. Thus illegal migration now with a better control can be reversed.

It becomes necessary at such time that an appropriate amnesty is introduced which can make post-Brexit system much more manageable. This will help in resource optimization and strengthening of coastline legitimate entries and focus on original cases. Thus, it is best to contact immigration lawyers who can help in drafting sterling applications which can breeze through the massive caseload and obtain visa for the applicant.

Britain votes to leave the European Union

24 June 2016 will go down as a golden date in the history of United Kingdom! In a historic vote, following a period of negotiations and critical campaigning from both sides, the United Kingdom has finally voted to leave the European Union. The leave campaign has won, as reported by Guardian, BBC and others, when the polling results showed a 52-percent-to-48-percent margin. Britain votes to leave the European Union While the move has been seen to be quite appreciated by the jubilant Leave supporters, the major question which now looms the political galleries is not only how the UK will extricate itself from a 28-member bloc but also the considerable effects on its relationship with the member nations. Many political forecasters are now questioning even the future of the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government. Polls were tight ahead of Thursday’s referendum, but as the votes rolled in, the “leave” side performed better than expected in places it was supposed to win and triumphed in locations it was not. The “remain” side, despite the establishment’s optimism, could never catch up. Impact on Pound The GBP has witnessed a steep decline owing to the Brexit and the speculations related to it. As per the reported figures, the pound slid to 31- year low against the dollar and stock futures are also forecasted to be lower. Ireland And Scotland: Not happy with the results A victory for Brexit might be a celebration in parts of UK, but it will raise the question on the future of Scotland and Ireland, which mainly voted for remain. The Scots, who narrowly voted in 2014 to remain in the U.K., have broadly voted to remain in the EU. Northern Ireland, where the 1998 Good Friday Agreement ended the Troubles, voted to remain in the EU, but the vote there reflected the historic divisions between Catholics and Protestants.

Student Visas Costing Huge Money to UK Educational Delivery System

Look at some of the statistics reported in by the Higher Education Better Regulation Group (HEBRG). The numbers are based on a study performed by HEBRG with 24 higher education providers.

  1. £4,366 to £772,537 a year is the annual cost incurred by the education providers for compliance actions to the new visa requirements.
  2. If calculated per student the cost ranges from £46 to £2,392, with the cost for the educational institute at £357,948. These costs are specifically for Tier 4 students.
  3. On the whole it is estimated that the whole higher education sector saw a cost of £66,800,910 (2012-2013) in compliance costs to Tier 4 student visa laws. This number shows nearly £27m jump on an estimated number of £40m provided by the Commons Public Accounts Committee.


Let us now see the basic mandates of the Tier 4 policy for the UK Universities

The guidelines dictate that the UK universities must offer courses which are of full-time curriculum to international students. These courses must be subject to suitable educational oversight. Also the UK universities are mandated to issue a CAS or Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) certificate to foreign applicants. For these international students the UK universities must incorporate precise recordkeeping and reporting formats and systems.

The problem is not with the Higher education institutions meeting the student visa compliance expectations. But the regular and constant changing requirements and rule changes lead to a lot of confusion resulting in waste and overspending.

The HEBRG study founded that the expense is varying in great degrees from one higher educational institution to another. This variance can be attributed to the incorrect interpretation of the Tier 4 policy rules. This clearly points at the importance of intervention and consultant advice from UK immigration consultants.

Tips for hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Migrating to a foreign land for the purpose of work or to settle down is a big decision and a legal battle in itself too. Migration lawyers have evolved to be the best solution for countering the legal processes and providing the most informed options. Here are few tips to make sure you hire the best f them:

How long has been the attorney working?

Although there is no mandate that the new attorneys can not do the job efficiently but picking up an experienced one always has its benefits. There are many procedural landmines in the field of immigration law and there is no substitute for experience. Look for an attorney who has been practicing for at least 5 years.

Does the attorney specialize in immigration law?

Any licensed attorney may represent you in your immigration case. However, immigration law is very complicated and changes frequently. Therefore, if someone practices immigration law infrequently, or is not devoted to this complex are of the law, you are likely not getting the most value for your money.

How much will the work cost and how will I be billed?

Most attorneys will charge either a flat fee or an hourly fee. Find out what other costs, like government filing fees, you will have to pay. However, do not simply chose the lowest priced immigration attorney you can find. Attorneys who quote a very low fee as compared to other qualfied attorneys have often underestimated what needs to be done or the amount of time it will take to accomplish a successful result for the client.

Self Help for Visa to the UK? Think Again

Since the advent of the web and free access to easy information on virtually any subject, people have developed a general tendency to try their hand at anything and everything that might want done; more often than not, it is something that is ideally supposed to be handled or executed by a trained professional. It would be unfair to say that it is a wrong practice because there are indeed some things like filling up forms for government jobs, trying to fix your home appliance or gadget that might need little repair. Of course, one could always search for an on line solution to trouble shoot your computer, but beyond that one must take a minute to think before trying to attempt something as important as filling an application for visa to the UK, especially if your case has some critical angles that need to be ironed out and dealt with professionally.

This is not to say that one can’t attempt to apply for a visa to the UK, and people have been doing that but it all depends on the merit of the case. So if you are applying for something as simple as a tourist visa and have all your documents in place or maybe it’s just the renewal of your visa on an already approved profile, you may not be thinking of legal assistance. But it is the more complex cases in nature – such as Tier 1 entrepreneur visa – where one usually needs to seek professional advice & assistance for successful outcomes.

How to select the Immigration attorney services?

Immigration attorney is your best resource, and he or she is the one that you can look to with confidence at all times of need. But, is it always possible to come across the Immigration attorney that is reliable and offers you personalised services? Of course not! Here are few points that you need to take into consideration when selecting the Immigration attorney services:

Provide help on the legal issues – The Immigration attorney is vigilant over the legal issues that might arise due to one or the other reason.

Relevant years of experience – The Immigration attorney should have good level of experience in handling various critical issues that might appear as the result of changes in Immigration policies.

Experience in the field of Asylum Immigration – The Immigration attorney should have good knowledge on all aspects of Asylum law as well as legislation pertaining to human rights.

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Why you need the services of Asylum lawyers?

All nations do not respect human rights. Some of the nations in the world are not safe heaven at all. These nations do not provide their denizens with freedom of speech, expression or thought. These countries restrict the rights of their citizens by using various unscrupulous methods. The UK is the nation with difference. The country respects individuals and moreover, it provides equal rights to individuals on refugee status. But first, you need to hire the services of professional Asylum lawyer. He will help you:

• If you have been refused the Asylum by Home Office on one or more than one occasions
• If you want the Indefinite Leave to Remain under the laid down protection route
• If you want to extend your Visa and want to stay in the UK

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What services are offered by the UK Immigration consultants?

Immigration is not just a word to look at, but a comprehensive process based on rules and regulations. Each country has its own stringent and constitutionally laid down rules and regulations, and it is expected from the prospective immigrant that he or she will adhere to them. Hiring the services of a professional Immigration law firm will give you the advantage. Here are the services offered by the law firm:

Corporate service – Guiding the way of high profile individuals to get entrepreneur Visa

Asylum service- Helping the individuals to immigrate to the UK on the basis of seeking asylum.

Same day service – This service will help you to file for the Visa and get approval on the same day.

Study visa service –If you are applying for the study Visa, this service will be of great purpose for you.

One off telephone advice – This service will let you talk with specialist Immigration lawyer.

Hire the best, professional UK Immigration consultants from Fusco Browne. We can help you with your Immigration and turn out to be guiding source. The Immigration consultants working with us are experienced, reliable and updated on policies.

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Need for the specialist Asylum Immigration lawyer

Seeking Asylum in country like the UK requires you professional help. You cannot get the Immigration under the UK Asylum law, if there are any loopholes in your Visa application. Your claims for the UK Asylum Visa need to be credible by all means. The professional, experienced Asylum lawyer will work on your case and ensure that you qualify for it without going through any hassles.

The lawyer will help you to arrange for legitimate proofs and other supporting documents to make your Asylum application strong and helps the Visa authorities to make the right decision within stipulated timeframe.

Come to the UK- the country which respects human rights and care for your private interests. The country ensures protection and relieves you from any possibilities of threats.

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Immigration consultants make the Visa easy

An immigration consultant is experienced, educated professional who assists the individuals in immigrating to a specific country for ether travel purpose, or business or to become the citizen of that country. Immigration consultants help you to make your process of Immigration easy and streamlined such that you can easily move to the country of your choice.

Most of Immigration consultants are the lawyers with expertise in different areas. Some are good in the Asylum law and some are just perfect in other aspects of Immigration Visa. You will get appropriate answers on the Visa and citizenship process. All your doubts on the Immigration are cleared, and that is because the Immigration consultants will help you.

Think of discussing your Immigration with the experienced consultant and take on the right path.

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