Things to be Careful of While Applying for UK Visa

Obtaining a visa is a key step for people from non EU countries to visit or move to UK. But many people fail to get a visa clearance. There are many errors made by people while filing their application. To avoid these errors it is best advised to consult legal experts while filling in the application.

As per top immigration lawyers in London, these are some errors made by people when they apply for a visa.

  1.  Misleading or inconsistent answers: It is essential that applicants are honest and provide a consistent answer when filling in the visa application form. A deliberately wrong and misleading answer to the visa questions is a complete no-no. But many-a-times, some applicants also make honest mistake. For example, by mistake, an applicant may not mention about a failed visa application by safely assuming its irrelevance. It is essential for the applicants to understand that this inadvertent or deliberate omission of information will invariably result in a failed application again. In addition, this may be recorded and can adversely impact the future applications.
  2.  Incomplete documentation: A visa application is merited on the basis of the supporting documents furnished with it. Immigration procedure, rules and laws are very strict and if the applicant fails to provide correct documents as specified in the form, then it may result in an administrative delay or in the worst case scenario, it can also result in a refusal of an application.
  3.  Providing unnecessary additional information: It is a common assumption that if someone provides, extra information it will work in his favour with the authorities. Adding on extra documents and information will only add to the bulk of the application and can influence delaying of decision making. Also there are chances that the authorities can ask you some questions and answers to those do not work in your favour. Before adding extra documents, it’s good to consult an immigration solicitor.
  4.  Payment miscalculation: UKBA is constantly evolving and changing and even the UKBA fee is subject to change. So there are high chances that an applicant would miscalculate the fee and not provide the right amount of few. Also they may not pay the fee in the right form of payment. For example, very few visa centres now accept cash payment.

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The Points Raised by Opponents of Brexit

With the country going to vote on 23rd June 2016 for its membership in a major economic block, there are people divided on the vote. The opponents of Brexit argue that if the vote results in favour of an “out”, it will set back the country and one entire generation. Politically, the “remain” camp has the support of President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and heavy hitter business groups.

The polls have shown the “in” side to be ahead in polls generally.

  • With the prediction of being the fastest growing economy this year in the developed world, the supporters of “remain” claim that one should not underestimate the need of EU for the UK (The Economist – UK magazine that is in opposition of the departure). Economically, it is beneficial for UK to remain, as more than half of the imports from UK go to EU, while EU gives less than 10% of its exports to Britain.

  • Brexit the “in” camp claims, can bring a lot of uncertainty in the business transactions of government and companies. This could hammer confidence and also result in increased financial market volatility. International Monetary Fund also in addition to above warns of a scary uncertainty which could weigh on investment and confidence of many negotiations.

  • Brexit could lead to a “less secure world”, the “in” camp argues. Economist has warned that if the voting results in a split – UK which is the 5th largest defence spender would be unmoored from its allies. It also says that as new EU would be weaker, less secure, poor and disunited, and as a domino effect – the West which relies on the balancing forces of Europe and America would be affected and enfeebled. The “remain” supporters also claim that a Brexit could lead towards an idea of Scottish independence which can be an irrevocable process of the break- up of United Kingdom.

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Things to Consider While Travelling to UK on Tourist Visa

UK has always been on the top of the list of the favourite destinations among the people. Securing a tourist visa is one of the most important things while planning a vacation or short trip[ to the UK.

In considering a visit visa application, the person must generally determine few things. First, they must determine whether the applicant is not excluded under any provision of law from entry to the UK. If the department determines that the applicant is excluded, they will automatically refuse the application without having to consider any other evidence.

You might be worried about the status of your UK Visa. One of the most important concerns for you to apply for the UK Visa is to travel. Here are few important steps that you need to take into consideration:

Check your eligibility – If you are applying for the UK travel Visa, you ought to have complete awareness. It is very important that you have good knowledge on the eligibility conditions related to the UK Visa.

Check your papers – Is your documentation complete? One of the key concerns where you might run through the problems is the incomplete documentation. If your documentation is not complete, your eligibility will be in a question.

Check your bank balance – Does your bank have minimum sufficient balance necessary? If your bank balance is not sufficient, you will not be eligible for the UK travel Visa. Minimum balance needs to be maintained in your bank account at all times.