Immigration Advice Package

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for an application or before you consider submitting an expensive application to the UK Border Agency or to the British Embassy/High Commission, it is often essential to seek specialist advice.

Here at Fusco Browne we offer a package to provide you with initial advice on your query or matter. This service involves a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers who will obtain your instructions and then advise you on your available options, the Rules you will need to meet, the documents you will require and an opinion on the prospects of success of your proposed application. Our advice will be confirmed to you in writing afterwards.

This package is recommended for those who are unsure of their available options, or those unsure if they qualify for a particular visa, or those who are uncertain of the visa application process.

Package Summary:

  • Detailed consultation
  • Legal advice confirmed in writing

If after obtaining our advice on your matter and you wish to pursue a particular application you can upgrade to our Application Package.

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