UK – A Popular Skilled Workforce Immigration Destination

A collaboration of some renowned names like the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, the Human Capital Leadership Institute, the international business school INSEAD and the Adecco Group found UK to be in the top 10 countries for the skilled migrant population looking to settle in UK.

Majority of these want a permit to live and work sans the limitations governing the immigrants. In legal parlance this means proving his/her “right of abode”.

The British citizens by default have this right of abode which simply implies no need of visa to travel & stay in UK and no restriction on the duration of stay. Commonwealth citizens also have the right of abode in the UK. An individual qualifies as a commonwealth citizen if one of their parents is UK citizen or were born in UK.  Marriage also grants right of abode, qualifying a female as a commonwealth citizen if the man has no other living wife or widow in UK.

Certificate of entitlement is the key to obtaining “right of abode” in UK. If you do not fall in any of the above categories, contact a skilled immigration and visa lawyer and have them process you for a certificate of entitlement.

This application appeals to your right of abode in UK and is put in your passport. We all know that the immigration and visa legal framework in UK is quite complex. There are separate application formats for this certificate, for individuals residing in and those residing outside UK at the time of application. As this certificate is linked to the passport on the passport expiry, a new application is warranted. Also for those individuals who already have a certificate of entitlement in another foreign passport, obtaining this certificate is not possible .

The application process is intricate requiring loads of paperwork, correctly filled form with accurate information and a host of supporting documents. Incomplete applications are promptly rejected. On a duly filled application the results are announced within 6 months of applying.  In the UK a certificate of entitlement costs £223. Consequently, it becomes imperative to seek legal help and consultation from skilled immigrant lawyer for obtaining this certificate.

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