Spouse Visa

If your partner is a citizen of a different country, you may choose to bring them to the United Kingdom so that you can truly start your life together as a married couple. The best way to do this is through the spouse visa, but what is the spouse visa? And how can you complete a successful application?

The Spouse Visa

The process of applying for a UK spouse visa can be challenging and complicated for anyone, however, it is a vital step in beginning your family life. The UK spouse visa is designed to allow non-UK, non-EEA citizens to either come to the UK or remain in the UK. This is based upon their marriage to either a British national or someone who holds settled status.

Who can apply for a Spouse Visa?

If you wish to apply for a spouse visa, you must meet certain requirements in order to ensure a successful application. For example, both your spouse and yourself will need to be over eighteen (legal adults), and will need to be married legally and have met at least once. It is necessary that you plan to take up a permanent residence together if you are not already living together.

There are other considerations, such as financial requirements, that you will need to meet.

Financial requirements for the spouse visa

The financial requirements for the spouse visa are not set in stone, as each case is unique. However, a general rule is that the British partner will need to earn at least £18,600 per annum. This increases if there are children/dependents on your application (those under eighteen years old), as you must prove earnings of £3800 more, plus £2400 more for each child after that.

If you have £16,000 cash savings, you will not be required to meet this requirement exactly as stated.

Converting Visas

If you are already present in the UK due to holding a work or student visa valid for over six months, or a UK fiancé visa, it is possible to change this to a spouse visa.

Where are you applying from?

If you are applying for your spouse visa from within the UK and already have a visa, your spouse visa will provide you with a two-year extension. If you apply from outside the UK, the visa period is 27 months.

Once you have held a spouse visa for two years, you may apply for leave to remain, and after twelve months of indefinite leave to remain (ILR), you are eligible for naturalisation as a British citizen.

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