Apply for a Family Visa

sample_01We understand the importance of family members living together or getting together therefore at Fusco Browne we can provide you with helpful advice and support to make this come true.

With our fully comprehensive application packages you will receive everything you need to proceed with your application. This will include receiving a detailed consultation, thorough checking of all your documents and having your application completed expertly.

With our help you are sure to benefit from a smooth running and stress free application process with the peace of mind that you have done everything correctly and efficiently in order to receive your visa at your convenience. We assist with the following:

Spouse, Civil Partner, Fiancée and Unmarried and Same Sex Partner

There are a number of requirements contained in the UK immigration rules which must be satisfied prior to entry clearance or leave to remain being granted. Those include showing that:

  • The couple have met each other
  • The relationship between the Applicant and the Sponsor in the UK is genuine and subsisting
  • The applicant meets the set financially requirement
  • The Applicant will be accommodated without recourse to public funds and
  • The applicant has adequate knowledge of the English language

In circumstances where some of the above cannot be met, applications may still be by invoking Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Our dedicated team of Human Rights lawyers will be happy to advise those wishing to obtain information regarding their rights in the UK.

Spouse/Partner and Family Members

At Fusco Browne we are a leading team of immigration lawyers with a wealth of experience in advising and preparing applications for an individual to enter or remain in the UK as a family member of a person present and settled in the UK and subsequently settling in the UK.

Children, Grandparents and other dependent Family Members

Children and other family members may apply for leave to enter the UK to join the family member or for leave to remain in the UK with the family member. The maintenance and accommodation requirements apply and the relationship must be proved.