Fiancé Visa

Bringing a loved one to the UK can be a difficult and complex process, and finding which visa is correct for you can be very challenging. One of the visas often most suitable for couples is the fiancé visa. But what is the fiancé visa, and how can you ensure that you are eligible and that your application is accepted?

The Fiancé Visa

The fiancé visa, also sometimes called the prospective marriage visa, allows a UK national, or a person who holds a settled status in the United Kingdom, to have their fiancé come and live with them. If a person holds settled status, they will live in the UK and have no restrictions on how long they may reside here.

A fiancé visa is suitable if you have not lived with your partner before the application is submitted, unlike with other visas that fall under this category. It is also suitable for UK nationals who are returning to the UK after some time living in another country - the fiancé visa allows you to apply for your fiancé to come with you upon your return.

Personal Requirements

There is a range of different requirements that you will need to satisfy in order to be eligible for the fiance visa. On a personal note, both parties must be at least eighteen years old or over. You will also need to provide proof that previous relationships that you or your partner have been in (married or unmarried) have dissolved. This will include proof of divorce if applicable.

You must also be able to provide accommodation that is suitable for yourself, your spouse, and any dependents who are also applying.

Relationship Requirements

There are some requirements that pertain explicitly to your relationship. You will need to prove that you have met your spouse (this is to prevent arranged or forced marriages). You must also show that you are intending to live together permanently, even if you are currently living separately.

Financial Requirements

Financially speaking, you must be able to prove that you have enough money to support both yourself and your partner, as well as dependents, without making a claim for benefits or other public funds.

In order to qualify for the fiancé visa, in most cases, the UK citizen should be earning at least £18600 (or have nearly equivalent savings) in order to sponsor the partner who is applying. It is important to note that this is the amount required when you are applying as a single person - if the partner applying has dependents (children under eighteen years old), this amount increases to cover their sponsorship.

How long does it take?

Upon application, you will usually have an answer within a twelve-week timeframe. Once your visa has been granted, you will have six months to marry in the UK and convert your fiance visa to a spouse visa.

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