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Do you need to hire an immigration lawyer in Birmingham? Then contact Fusco Browne, where our specialist immigration solicitors will assist you with all your immigration and visa issues in and around Birmingham.

You may need immigration advice, visa advice, help with asylum issues or bespoke solutions for your circumstances. Whatever you require, we are here to help you. We work with individuals and businesses providing specialist support and advice for all their immigration issues.

If you are coming to the UK for any reason including work or seeing family, or you need assistance with refusals or applications, contact the team in Birmingham now.

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    Why Choose Fusco Brown Immigration in Birmingham?

    Fusco Browne is a leading law firm in Birmingham and the UK. We have a team of top immigration lawyers in Birmingham who are OISC registered and accredited at level 3 for conducting immigration and asylum issues. Several have also worked for the Immigration Advisory Service, which is the largest immigration and asylum charity.

    Our success rate is excellent, and we are 100% committed to our clients. We provide honest and professional advice on a wide range of issues including visa applications, asylum and immigration. We will examine your circumstances and find the right solutions for you.

    Our pricing is affordable, meaning our services are accessible to more people, and our fixed-fee structures help to keep costs down. We know that every case that comes to us is unique, and that is why we provide a custom service for all our clients.

    Personal Immigration Advice

    Our personal immigration solicitors in Birmingham can assist you with many immigration issues. If you are a tourist, student, spouse or family member, contact us for assistance today. 

    ● Tourist and Visitor Visa

    ● Student Visa

    ● Spouse Visa

    ● Fiancé Visa

    ● Family Visa

    ● Spouse ILR Visa

    ● Indefinite Leave to Remain

    ● Further to Remain Visa

    When you apply for a personal visa, it can often be complex, especially if you do not have experience with the system. If you are married, engaged, just visiting or in any other situation, get in touch with our personal immigration lawyers in Birmingham for professional assistance.

    Business Immigration Advice

    For anyone coming to the UK for business purposes, it’s important to ensure your immigration status is in order. We can provide you with many business immigration services in Birmingham whatever your situation, whether you are investing in the UK, applying as a Skilled Worker or anything else.

    ● Work Visa

    ● Skilled Worker Visa

    ● Tier 1 Investor Visa

    ● Tier 2 Visa

    ● Sole Representative Visa

    ● Innovator Visa

    Not sure which visa you need? Contact us to discuss your situation and our specialist immigration lawyers will assist you.

    UK Visa Applications

    Applying for a UK visa can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with the system. So whether you are getting married, already married, visiting as a tourist or in any other situation, contact our personal immigration lawyers in Manchester to find out how we can help.

    Family Visa
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    We understand the importance of family members living together or getting together therefore at Fusco Browne we can provide you with helpful advice and support to make this come true. With our fully comprehensive application packages you will receive everything you need to proceed with your application. This will include receiving a detailed consultation, thorough checking of all your documents and having your application completed expertly.

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    Work Visa - Business Visa
    work visa

    At Fusco Browne we pride ourselves in our extensive expertise and knowledge of the UK Points Based System (PBS). Our expert lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in advising and making applications for applicants in all parts of the PBS system. Click the button below to read more information about how the tier system works, what tier you may fall into and how FuscoBrowne can help you proceed with your application.

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    Student Visa
    work visa

    The Tier 4 visa is for students wishing to study in the UK. Applicants must have an approved Sponsor in the UK. Applications can be made from outside the UK and within the UK (for those who qualify). We assist a wide range of students coming to the UK from all over the world. We assist in applications made from within or outside the UK. We also assist those abroad secure a place of study with an approved Sponsor in the UK.

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    Sole Representative Visa

    The Sole Representative visa is for senior employees of an overseas organisation who wish to establish a branch or subsidiary of the same in the UK. The application process for this visa is quite complex. We at Fusco Browne can ease the complexity of this process for you with our expert advice and assistance

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    Further to Remain (FLR) in the UK Visa
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    Often when an individual enters the UK, they are granted a period of leave to remain with the option of extending it. The exception to this is visit visas which, in themselves, cannot be extended inside of the UK save in very rare circumstances where the Secretary of State is willing to exercise discretion.

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    Indefinite Leave to Remain

    You can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) normally if you have lived in the UK legally for a certain period of time, usually between two and five years. Applicants need to show that they have knowledge of life in the UK and English language and have no unspent criminal convictions.

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    Tourist & Visitor Visa

    You can apply for a Visa if you wish to come to the UK to see friends or family or as a tourist. It is possible for family members settled in the UK to sponsor your visit. There are several different types of visit to the UK which may be covered by this visa. Click below to read more.

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    Business Visit Visa

    For those who wish to come to the UK in order to attend business meetings, arrange deals, negotiate or sign trade agreements/contracts or represent a foreign manufacture the Business Visit visa is the solution. Please refer to the tourist & visitor visa for more details.

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    Work Visa
    Skilled Worker Visa

    Your right to work in the UK depends on where you travel from as well as what type of work you want to do. You may well need a UK work visa as well as a job offer in order to take up employment.There are certain requirements to be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa click below for details.

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    Business Immigration Advice & Services

    As well as the above areas, we also provide additional services in Birmingham in the areas of asylum and immigration. So even if you do not need to apply for a visa, we can still assist you.

    This includes providing Immigration Advice so you can discover whether you qualify before submitting your application. We can also provide you with an Application Package to provide you with assistance if you decide to proceed with an application.

    If you have a visa refused, our Appeals Package can help, and we also provide a Same Day Service if you want to speed up a decision from the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

    In addition, we provide Corporate Services, advice for Prison Visits and Detainees and a Virtual Office service in case you are unable to visit our Birmingham office. Whatever you need assistance with, we can help.

    One off Telephone Advice
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    If all you require is to talk with one of our specialists lawyers to obtain advice direct over the telephone we offer a one-off telephone advice service where we can offer just that.

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    Immigration Advice
    work visa

    If you are uncertain whether you qualify for an application or before you consider submitting an expensive application to the UK Border Agency or to the British Embassy or High Commission, it is often essential to seek specialist advice

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    Application Package
    work visa

    If you are ready to proceed with an application to obtain a visa from the UK Border Agency or the British Embassy or High Commission we can help you. Our Application Package provides full assistance with all aspects of your case.

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    Appeals Package

    If you have applied for a visa and it has been refused, you might be able to appeal. Unfortunately it is not possible to appeal against every refusal. However, it might instead be possible to seek an administrative review.

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    Same Day Service
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    Often it can take several months for the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to process immigration applications. However, it is possible to obtain a decision from the UKBA on the same day using the Premium service.

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    Corporate Services

    We offer corporate services that will solve any confusion you may have as an employer, where we will answer any question that you have as an employer and assist with any applications you require to be made.

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    Detainees/Prison Visits

    If you are taken in to detention and need advice on your position and whether it is possible to be released, we can arrange to visit you in detention or liaise with your family members to see if we can help.

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    Virtual Office

    If you are too busy to visit one of our offices or surgeries, you need an out of hour's appointment, or you just live too far away, you can book a Telephone or a Skype Appointment.

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