Amnesty and Illegal Immigrants to UK

With the Brexit decision coming through, it is anticipated that the Home staff that manages the passport and immigration system, the coming five years are bound to encounter considerable work. This is in alignment with the fact that one can foresee an impending change in the EU inhabitants, there are going to be extra applications for citizenships, visas and passports. This would essentially from people, who are already living there and hoping to stay for good. For instance, there might be couples, looking to get married and hoping to live there – between EU and non EU partners. This influx of applications, will definitely need changes in ongoing policy and additional staff to prevent any adverse consequences with the settling down of post-Brexit state.

Currently, no official figures are available on the illegal immigration of UK. According to some studies, as many as 500,000 estimated immigrants are in UK while some say to number is closer to 1 million people. And one can expect this number to increase with people overstaying their visas, entering on forged documents, absconding or entering through ports. This massive caseload would be difficult to tackle and scant resources would only highlight the difficulty in processing of documents. Also, now the office would focus more on high risk individuals and recently, government is closing down on bogus colleges proving as a front for fake admissions and having people stay longer. Thus illegal migration now with a better control can be reversed.

It becomes necessary at such time that an appropriate amnesty is introduced which can make post-Brexit system much more manageable. This will help in resource optimization and strengthening of coastline legitimate entries and focus on original cases. Thus, it is best to contact immigration lawyers who can help in drafting sterling applications which can breeze through the massive caseload and obtain visa for the applicant.

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