Essential documents without which you cannot migrate to UK

If your choice is UK, you need to apply for the immigration. It is very natural and regular procedure before you are granted the permission. But, even before that, you need to be familiar with the relevant documentation. Completed documents and file are amongst few prerequisites without which you cannot apply for immigration.

Visa is not like any kind of playing card with which you can just play around for the heck of nothing. You can become familiar about visa documentation by either hiring professional UK Visa Company, or UK government website. The website keeps on updating information and the latest immigration policies. The first document that you need to show to immigration office is proof of your stay. If you are on a tourist visa and have booked a hotel, all that you need to show is the photocopy of hotel booking transcript.

Next important document that you need to produce is financial statement. You should provide only genuine bank details. Do not try to forge the documents, and you know what is likely to happen. If you are on work visa, you’ve to show proof of the employment in the UK as well.

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