Is European Immigration Good for Britain?

Many reports suggest that open immigration from Europe is one of the key benefit’s of Britain’s membership of the European Union. There has even been many findings that clearly suggest that the open-door immigration has played a great part in boosting the UK economy. Immigration is globally associated with higher economic growth as most of the immigrants are younger, energetic and most of the times more skilled than the entire population of the country. Immigrants are best known for filing the skills gaps and doing the jobs that were vacant as no native worker is suitable or efficient.

Many renowned English dailies have even brought into light that approximately 15 per cent of annual growth in the UK’s gross domestic product is contributed by skilled immigrants. However, for many immigration means higher GDP, and it also means that national wealth is divided among a larger population. The truth is though entirely different from something that is being reflected.

But yeah, a small negative impact on the average British wages is often observed with effects most pronounced among low and unskilled workers. They also make greater profits, which can be spent making the workforce more productive or returned to shareholders who spend and invest it.

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