Meeting English Language Requirement for Entry Clearance as a Family Member in UK

According to Immigration rules, Appendix FM, English language is mandatory for individuals applying for leave to be able to remain in UK as a parent of the child or for entry clearance. If an applicant wants to meet the requirements, the following can be done:

  1. Clearing UKVI life skills test
  2. Obtaining nationality of a majority English speaking country – as per the schedule listing
  3. Possessing an academic qualification recognised and considered by NARIC (UK) to be equal to Bachelor’s/ Master’s/ PhD degree in the UK – as taught or researched in the UK.

Additionally, some applicants can be exempted from this requirement if they are in compliance with:

  1. Applicant is over 65 years of age
  2. Applicant has a physical or a mental disability
  3. Exceptional circumstances, limiting the applicants’ ability to meet the prescribed requirements.

The visa regulation mandates that in the scenario when an applicant is unable to give evidence of meeting with English language requirements, then there are high chances of the application to be refused and also there may be the loss of entire UK visa fee to the applicant.

Thus, it is necessary to meet the English language requirement, and the complexity of the UK visa law makes it necessary to consult immigration lawyers in London UK.

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