Right time to apply for the UK travel Visa

Do you wish to apply for the UK Visa? Do you know the appropriate time for applying for the Visa? Let’s take a quick overview of the facts:

• The best time to apply for your Visa is three (3) months before travelling. Taking into view the UK Embassy’s service standards to process a visa request for non –settlement Visas, the processing time within 12 weeks or 3 months. It means that when you are applying for the travel Visa, it is very likely your Visa application file will take approximate time between 12 weeks and 3 months.
• The Visa processing time for the UK business visitor Visa is around 3 weeks. Different Visas have different processing times.
• Many times there can be delay in processing your Visa application. The delays can be for various reasons. One of the prominent reasons for delay in processing is incomplete documentation.

For further details on the UK Immigration Visa, you need to check with your Immigration lawyer. There are several procedures and requirements that need to be completed in time, should you want to move to the UK for your purpose.

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