Success Stories of Women Entrepreneurs who moved to the UK

UK provides a nourishing environment to migrant populations and there are many success stories which can be very inspiring for budding entrepreneurs wanting to make a mark in the UK. We mention three of these:

Susanne Blomberg

An enterprising woman, Susanne Blomberg moved to the UK with her husband, who got a job in the country. And while she was staying in the UK with him, she decided to start her own coaching training institute by the name “Susanne Blomberg Coaching & Development”. She realized that the UK markets appreciated the cultural insight that she was lending to her profession and it gave her venture an edge over other similar businesses.

Before moving to the UK, she was in Canada where she ran an import business that dealt in importing of children’s wear. She had also dabbled in a consulting business which was established by her husband and it was in Sweden. It’s admirable that Susanne took over the reins of a very different business, when her husband shifted to UK and repatriated in 2012.

Mi Elfverson

Another talented and business minded woman in the UK, MiElfverson started her own production company calledTrue North Vision, which is a Brighton based production company. Mi is a professional video producer and an extremely talentedphotographer. She originally belongs to Sweden and feels that there are many work opportunities in the United Kingdom. She brings in a Scandinavian approach to her high quality professional photography and productions.

Arianna Helm

Arianna Helm started Ihelm-Enterprises which is a book keeping service in Lancashire. She originally belongs to Canada and moved in 1996 to the UK to be close to her British husband. She moved to live and work in the UK and initially worked in a full time employment for a brief period. She later set up her own company offering book keeping services on a pan England services. She extends virtual book keeping services to her clients.

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