Supreme Court’s Decision Concerning Brexit

The British government has challenged High Court ruling that parliamentary approval is needed to begin the process of leaving the EU. The case will now be heard in the Supreme Court.

As the highest judiciary authority of Britain, the Supreme Court may now have the final say on whether the Members of Parliament get a chance to vote to trigger Article 50.

The case can last for 4 days. This will also be the first time that all 11 members of the jury will sit on the panel and the verdict will be released by January 2017.

Will the Government win?

According to the ministers, the appeal in the in the Supreme Court is “to close to call”. A source said that the chances of success are just 50-50 but there are chances of success. The legal experts on the other hand predicted a defeat for the government with 11-0 chance.

What will happen after the verdict?

If the judicial authority decides in the favour of Government, Prime Minister Theresa May can go ahead with her plans to call upon Article 50 by the end of March without seeking any parliamentary approval. If however the High Court ruling stays in the place, the parliament will get to vote on the Brexit legislation. It is also worth noting that most of the MPs have already said that they will vote to support the government.

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