Things to be Careful of While Applying for UK Visa

Obtaining a visa is a key step for people from non EU countries to visit or move to UK. But many people fail to get a visa clearance. There are many errors made by people while filing their application. To avoid these errors it is best advised to consult legal experts while filling in the application.

As per top immigration lawyers in London, these are some errors made by people when they apply for a visa.

  1.  Misleading or inconsistent answers: It is essential that applicants are honest and provide a consistent answer when filling in the visa application form. A deliberately wrong and misleading answer to the visa questions is a complete no-no. But many-a-times, some applicants also make honest mistake. For example, by mistake, an applicant may not mention about a failed visa application by safely assuming its irrelevance. It is essential for the applicants to understand that this inadvertent or deliberate omission of information will invariably result in a failed application again. In addition, this may be recorded and can adversely impact the future applications.
  2.  Incomplete documentation: A visa application is merited on the basis of the supporting documents furnished with it. Immigration procedure, rules and laws are very strict and if the applicant fails to provide correct documents as specified in the form, then it may result in an administrative delay or in the worst case scenario, it can also result in a refusal of an application.
  3.  Providing unnecessary additional information: It is a common assumption that if someone provides, extra information it will work in his favour with the authorities. Adding on extra documents and information will only add to the bulk of the application and can influence delaying of decision making. Also there are chances that the authorities can ask you some questions and answers to those do not work in your favour. Before adding extra documents, it’s good to consult an immigration solicitor.
  4.  Payment miscalculation: UKBA is constantly evolving and changing and even the UKBA fee is subject to change. So there are high chances that an applicant would miscalculate the fee and not provide the right amount of few. Also they may not pay the fee in the right form of payment. For example, very few visa centres now accept cash payment.

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