Tips for hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Migrating to a foreign land for the purpose of work or to settle down is a big decision and a legal battle in itself too. Migration lawyers have evolved to be the best solution for countering the legal processes and providing the most informed options. Here are few tips to make sure you hire the best f them:

How long has been the attorney working?

Although there is no mandate that the new attorneys can not do the job efficiently but picking up an experienced one always has its benefits. There are many procedural landmines in the field of immigration law and there is no substitute for experience. Look for an attorney who has been practicing for at least 5 years.

Does the attorney specialize in immigration law?

Any licensed attorney may represent you in your immigration case. However, immigration law is very complicated and changes frequently. Therefore, if someone practices immigration law infrequently, or is not devoted to this complex are of the law, you are likely not getting the most value for your money.

How much will the work cost and how will I be billed?

Most attorneys will charge either a flat fee or an hourly fee. Find out what other costs, like government filing fees, you will have to pay. However, do not simply chose the lowest priced immigration attorney you can find. Attorneys who quote a very low fee as compared to other qualfied attorneys have often underestimated what needs to be done or the amount of time it will take to accomplish a successful result for the client.

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