Top 3 reasons to go for professional corporate immigration services

Are you seeking better opportunities for your business in the UK? Do you want to start a new business venture in a foreign country? Do you want to seek employment in the overseas market? The UK is one of the most business-friendly nations in the world, which offers a great number of options to do the business or be part of any professional activity. However, you need to apply for the Visa first.
The ever-changing face of the rather complex immigration rules has made it a necessity to hire professional services. There are reasons for you to engage in corporate Immigration services. These services are offered by experienced Visa and Immigration law firms.

Tier 1 entrepreneur visa


Consultation on the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) –

Apart from the general consultation on the prospects and discussion about the requirements depending upon the nature and scope of the business, you could easily get yourself evaluated as per the RLMT. You should complete the RLMT before sponsoring yourself as a migrant for a particular job, unless, the job finds listing in UKBA Shortage Occupation List (SOL), or you belong to category of switching Immigration, or you are the employee of an organisation.


Pre – Sponsorship licence assessment – The law firm will audit your company and look into other serious aspects, which are important to qualify you for Immigration. The assessment will also help in ascertaining your possibilities to move. The major options available are:
Tier 2 – General – Skilled Workers; Intra-Company Transfer; Sportsperson; Minister of Religion
Tier 4 – General – Adult Students as well as Child
Tier 5 – Temporary Worker – Charity Worker; Creative and Sporting; Religious Worker; International Agreement; and the Government Authorised Exchange


Consultation on Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa – This type of Visa consultation is offered by the Immigration law firm to the Non-EU migrants, who intend to make investment to either set up the business or take over existing business. You need to show the funding details along with the understanding of English language. The Immigration law firm will definitely provide you with effective advice, in order to make Visa process easy.

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