UK Education Likely to Get More Expensive After BREXIT

In case you are planning for higher education in UK, it is highly recommended to not make any hasty decision. Although there are many apprehensions and ambiguity among the international students, very less is going to be changed before the two years of negotiation is up.

For European Union students who are currently eligible to pay EU rates at UK universities, tuition could become more expensive if they are charged international student rates instead, or if they are not eligible for EU funding and loans. However, there is no clear decision on whether this will happen, and nothing will change before the two years allocated for negotiations over the UK’s exit have passed.

For international students from outside the EU who are already required to pay international rates, tuition fees will not be directly affected by Brexit, although there are various factors that could affect the cost of study. If the pound remains weak against students’ home currency, these students ultimately will find themselves better off when they pay tuition in sterling.

However, if universities suffer financially after Brexit, whether because of a lack of EU funding or because fewer EU citizens decide to study at UK universities, they might decide to increase fees for international students to make up for the deficit.

In case of getting  a better idea of regulations and laws tat would be affected, it is highly recommended to consult top UK immigration lawyers who have expertise in handling related issues.

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