UK Immigration and Skilled Workforce Visa Concerns

Skilled Workforce is drawn in hordes to UK with its lucrative salaries and thriving business economy. For any skilled individual UK offers abundant work and growth opportunities. The immigration legal framework ensures that tight legal formalities minimize fake appeals and counterfeit applications.

  1. One of the scenario when you would need legal expertise is when you have settled and started you own enterprise in UK. Even after you have obtained the Visa, maintain compliances for ongoing business becomes difficult. Maintaining a business is not easy especially with complex visa clauses.
  2. You have obtained you work visa but recently you were promoted as the Director of a company. Did you know that legally if you are a Director in a company in England and Wales you have responsibilities extending to employees, creditors and shareholders’? A breach can suck you into a messy legal suit. Thus it becomes important to have legal help from trusted immigration lawyers.
  3. Are you establishing a new business or re-structuring your existing business? It is important to have a corporate structure which is compliant with legal framework and adheres to taxes and other associated registrations. It is best to take legal advice from experienced immigration lawyers to limit your liability and ensure you and your business interests as an immigrant are well protected.
  4. Financial transaction in companies run by immigrants also needs and involves constitutional demands. To full proof your articles of association, memorandums, shareholder’s agreements or any other documents take an expert legal advice. You might be about to make an equity investment or lending money outside – all warrant legal intervention. It is essential to safeguard your commercial interests within the bounds of immigration legalities.

These are just a few of the concerns for an immigrant worker, there can be many other issues requiring legal attention.

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