UK immigration Policy Review

Applied for Tier 5 visa to Britain and faced rejection? The latest news about the UK government deciding to review its existing immigration policies has had several debates going, and not just at home; and that is to be expected as there are people outside the UK who will feel the impact and will be directly affected by these changes. There’s also the angle of how The United Kingdom’s is seen gets affected (not necessarily negatively) in the International arena, and the also how the perception holds or modifies vis-à-vis bilateral ties with any country.

Honestly, if one comes to think of it, it (the review of immigration policy) may not be such a bad move if you set aside the reduction number of immigrations and just talk about the proposed reforms as the Government refers to it. And that is because though on one hand there will be limitations imposed to an extent and one might feel the brunt on day to day affairs, these reforms could also help in sifting and separating the grain from the husk. In short, it might end up helping the sincere and genuine applicants for a UK visa and also those living here and have genuine cases that need consideration from the authorities. As experts on immigration norms and trends we have watched over the years, we would not worry too much. Change as they say, is the only constant.

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